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Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric
Acoustic Fabric
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Product Code : 13
Brand Name : Sefar India
Product Description

Acoustic Fabric is known for its property of attenuating sound waves with help of increased air resistance. It is also appreciated for having ability to improve acoustic quality and reduce electromagnetic interference. This fabric is widely utilized in electronic devices including speakers, display screens, mobile phones, and batteries. Acoustic Fabric offered by us can be availed with specific Rayl values for exact sound modulations and colors as required according to need. 



  • Have open weave and breathable structure
  • Good stretching ability
  • Ideal to be used in aerospace industry



Electronic & Acoustic Fabrics



Sefar provides to the electronic and mobile phone industries high-precision woven fabrics in any required color and design with specific Rayl values for exact sound modulations.


Typical applications are in mobile phone microphones, headsets and other electronic applications, where exact sound modulation and fashionable design come together.

Sefar provides to the aerospace industry high quality woven fabrics for sound attenuation at jet engines in honey comb material, where highest acoustic attenuation performance in most difficult technical and environmental conditions are required. Patented solutions and unique raw materials make Sefar fabrics in these applications to a mandatory choice.



Acoustic filters


Sefar filters are used in numerous electronic device applications such as transducers, speakers, audio devices, visual display screens, batteries, mobile phones and hearing aids.

The precision-woven fabric improves acoustic quality, reduces electromagnetic interference, reduces glare, keeps out debris and dust, functions as a moisture barrier and acts as a support and spacer screen.

Sefar filters are used as acoustic filters in microphones and speakers and also in many other shielding applications.

Shielding/EMI solutions



Electronic components can temporarily malfunction or even be permanently damaged by electromagnetic interference. The incorporation of highly-conductive fabrics into Faraday-cage-like constructions enclosing the electronic system can solve these problems. Conductive fabrics effectively dissipate static charge as well as reflect emissions of electromagnetic fields. Sefar fabrics are used for shielding visual displays and instrument panels, in cables, packaging of electronic components, gaskets, architectural shielding, lightning-strike protection and grounding.



Many of these applications require materials which are conductive, in some cases highly transparent, but also strong and flexible: this calls for a typical fabric solution. Sefar offers several conductive fabrics to suit the different shielding applications. All conductive fabrics from Sefar are lightweight materials with good conductive and mechanical properties and can be easily converted into standard filter components, joined with one or several adhesive layers or placed in dispenser tapes for easy handling.



Mobile phones



The optimum filter choice for mobile phones depends on the technical requirements as well as the design of the housing. Sefar's Acoustic fabric range has been proven to work in many generations of mobile phones. Depending on the mesh opening, open area and fabric thick- ness the acoustic resistance ranges from approximately 6 to 145 Rayl MKS.



The precise mesh openings and defined air permeability guarantee very reliable acoustic attenuation respectively transparency, much more consistent than what can be achieved with non-woven or paper filters. In addition a woven fabric screen will protect the loudspeaker from dust, debris and moisture and thereby significantly increase its lifetime.


Sefar filters made of woven fabrics are thin and flexible while dimensionally stable and strong - making it easy to handle Sefar filters in any manufacturing process. All Sefar Acoustic fabrics comply with the requirements of EU 2002/96/EG Directives WEEE and RoHS.

Fabrics can be heat or ultrasonically slit. Both slitting techniques ensure an optimally sealed, non-fraying edge quality. Ribbon width ranges from 7 mm to 2400 mm (heat slit) and from
4 mm to 350 mm (ultrasonically-slit).


Semi-finished products
Customers can profit from our manufacturing capabilities by letting Sefar supply pre-finished components for electronic devices. Fabrics can be combined with one or several adhesive layers which enables a cost-efficient and fast joining of the filter component to any housing.


Sefar fabrics can be provided pre-cut in virtually any configuration. Cold stamping is the most economical process and provides standard tolerance pieces with edges that may fray. Laser cutting provides high tolerance pieces with fray-resistant edges and ultrasonically-stamped parts have sealed edges with high tolerance capability.